Side Dump Industries Introduces the Side Dump Mini Trailer

South Sioux City, Nebraska - Ralph Rogers, founder and president of Side Dump Industries, announces the development of the Side Dump Mini trailer.  The Side Dump Mini trailer works with virtually all types of lawn equipment with a standard 2" ball or draw bar hitch and 12V electric hydraulic pump or tractor hydraulic.

"I saw a need for smaller scale dumping capabilities and put my design team to work on a solution," said Rogers.  "They created a side dump trailer capable of maneuvering in a variety of places.  Its durable tub and 45 degree dumping angle means you can haul everything from large rocks and gravel to mulch, dirt, and more.   The Mini is really versatile."

The Side Dump Mini has a water level capacity of 34 cubic feet and a heaping material capacity of 41.5 cubic feet.  The adjustable hitch allows for easy hitch ups to different height hitches.

Rogers said, "We introduced the Side Dump Mini at a construction trade show in Chicago and received a lot of interest from landscapers and lawn service companies.  There are so many potential uses for the Mini.  We think farmers and ranchers, as well as grounds crews at golf courses, city maintenance, parks, fairgrounds, campgrounds and sports complexes could really benefit from the dumping and hauling capabilities the Mini offers."

Patents are pending on the Side Dump Mini.  Side Dump Industries is now taking orders for the production of the Side Dump Mini trailer.  For more information about ordering, call 800-600-3904, ext. 93.

Side Dump Industries, headquartered in South Sioux City, Nebraska, is the industry leader in innovative side dump technology and design.  In addition to the Mini, they manufacture single, tandem, tri and quad axle side dump trailers and dolly convertors.  Side Dump Industries also produces custom order trailers.