Facts & Features

Facts & Features


Choosing the right side dump trailer to add to your equipment fleet is an important decision. Our features and specifications tell the real story behind our quality manufacturing mission. We build our products with you in mind – and focus on strength, durability, efficiency, ease of use, safety and reliability.

Here’s why Side Dump Industries’ line-up of side dump trailers can help your business succeed and increase your bottom line:

  • GREATER DUMP ANGLE: Loads release faster from a straight side and greater dump angle. SDI’s 50° dump angle is nearly 10° more than other side dumps available! 50° dump angle also means less material sticking in the tub. Your load will come out quicker, with a cleaner tub.
  • INNOVATIVE DESIGN: The strongest points on a trailer frame are where the frame is supported…not in the middle. SDI’s design and tub material means a lighter frame and the ability to use the suspension you prefer…all while maintaining crucial stability. SDI’s tubs are exclusively constructed of super tough, yet malleable Grade 100 Steel for more durability and longer life. Our tubs are strong, yet flexible enough to allow for bending and twisting without cracking.
  • SMART CONSTRUCTION: Bolted parts are easier and less expensive to maintain, adjust and replace than welded parts. SDI’s unique bolted construction means you can repair a part in the field instead of taking the trailer to a shop. There’s no welding, grinding or painting required.
  • STABILITY: A lower center of gravity means better stability on the road or on the job. SDI has the lowest center of gravity available on the market.
  • EASY MAINTENANCE: Synthetic grease-filled hubs extend the bearing life and virtually eliminate wheel seal failure and down time. These hub caps protect your spindles and bearings from debris and damage on the job, too. Our single stage cylinders cost less to maintain or replace than telescopic cylinders. SDI’s cylinders on the end of the body can be greased and maintained easily…in the shop or the field.

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