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You need your equipment to be tough, dependable and long lasting. You don’t have time to waste worrying about reliability, repairs or safety. And when you purchase a Side Dump Industries side dump trailer, you won’t have to.

At SDI, we believe in the power and profitability side dump trailers provide to so many industries. In fact, we developed the side dump technology used worldwide today. Most of our competition still manufacture their trailers based on our early design. While we’re proud of that design, our engineers have never stopped improving upon that original concept, advancing the capabilities of the side dump and the quality of the SDI side dump trailer. Simply put, we are the people who made the side dump work and continue to make it better.™

The facts speak for themselves. And as a smart business owner, your common sense will prevail as you make your important choice about which side dump trailer will best help your business’ success.

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