Hear from our customers how they are successfully using Side Dump Industries' trailers to make their business more profitable.

"I've been using the Side Dump Industries' High Side Revolution series trailer to haul distiller's grain from our ethanol plant. It's the quickest, easiest way to haul this product."
Damon Mitchek - Industrial Welding

"We used the Side Dump Mini on a water pond landscaping project. It made the job go so much more efficient. We loaded up the Mini with rock and drove it right to the spot and dumped it neatly in a pile, without tearing up the lawn. It saved a lot of time shoveling loads into wheelbarrows, too."
Doyle Van Dyke - Outdoor Environments, Inc.

"The first set of Side Dump Industries trains I bought back in 2000 have over 1 million miles on them. They're still up and running every day. These are such a quality product, we haven't had to do any infield or factory repairs. They're always ready to go."
Kelly Knodel - Knodel Contractors

"I've been using my Side Dump Industries trailer to haul everything from top soil to sand to 25 ton rock. I like the way it dumps clean and how stable it is. I'm on my second year and still have no stress cracks. It's been a dependable trailer and done a good job for me."
Raymond Nethercott - Nethercott, Inc.