Sdi Side Dump Trailers features

Quality Manufacturing Comes Standard

Our features and specifications tell the real story behind our quality manufacturing mission.  There’s always a strong reason we use what we do to build your Side Dump Industries trailer and here’s why:


Fabricated DEEP Frame Rails – SDI's deep frame rails (including flanges and webs) are exclusively constructed of super tough, yet malleable Domex-100 Steel for more durability and longer life. SDI trailers carry the load over the suspensions of both the trailer and the tractor, therefore reducing even more stress on the frame.

Bolted Cross-Member and Hucked Pivot Connections – Allows frame flex with no cracking.  Replacement of damaged parts is a matter of minutes or hours, not days or weeks. No welding, grinding or painting is required.

Tub Saddles – Are designed with a nylon, moly-filled wear pad. The wear pad is very strong and eliminates the need for pivot greasing. If pads begin to show wear, they can be unbolted and shimmed to give extended life. Replacement is easy.

Pivot Pin Bushings – Completely eliminates the need for grease in the pivot area. Replacement is a matter of minutes.

Positive Tub Locks – Allows for easy switching of dump direction.  Locks are designed to capture the tub pivot pin, eliminating any chance of the tub slipping from the saddle. Locks are painted a contrasting color for easy visibility.


Fabricated Deep Sub-Frame – Also constructed of Domex-100 Steel. Bolted to the main frame for ease of assembly. Adds extra strength where it's needed. This allows us to utilize many suspension types, and axle spacings, from single axle to quad axle, and from spring to air ride/airlift.

Hutch CH9700 – Cast spring suspension is standard on all models. SDI uses a 17” ride height with 3 leaf high arch springs.

Air Ride Suspension – Ridewell 25,000 lb. Air Suspensions are standard on all SDI air rides along with our 25,000 lb. parallel spindle axles.


5 1/2” Cylinders with 3” Rod – Durable and powerful. The 2 cylinders push 118,750 lbs. at 2500 psi.

1/2” Hydraulic Hose & Fittings – Reduce weight and cost. The 1/2” hose is more than capable of handling volume necessary for quick cycle times.

2 Directional Hydraulic Flow – Required for operation of SDI Side Dump Trailers. If tractor is not equipped with 2-way flow wet kit, then SDI’s Air/Hydraulic Valve option must be added to the trailer.

6 mm Domex-100 Steel – This steel is super tough, but allows for the tub to bend and twist without cracking.  Other harder materials, such as AR-400 or T1 developed for the end dump market, are not well suited to side dump trailers because they don’t have the flexibility and aren’t malleable.

More Dump Angle – SDI Side Dumps have a 50° dump angle, allowing the tub to unload faster, leaving you with a cleaner tub.  SDI’s 50° dump angle is nearly 10° more than other side dumps available!

25” Tub Leading Edge to Tire – This means you dump your load away from the trailer, not under it.

Outside Rib Design – SDI’s rib design leaves the inside of the tub cleaner without any obstructions.

High Strength Moly-filled Nylon Pivot Block – This SDI exclusive feature eliminates metal-to-metal contact in the tub pivot.  Since they are bolted in, they can be shimmed or easily replaced.  The pivots are greased once at the factory and never require greasing again.

Pivot Pins – Attached via spring pin making them easily removable if they become damaged.  Pins have the ability to float and move the stress from the ends of the pin to stronger sections of the tub pivot.

Tub Drain – 2” drain with plug is standard on all models.

Sealed Wiring Harness – Custom made for proper fit, reducing labor costs and keeps moisture and dirt out of electrical system for longer life.

Electrical/Air Lines – Routed along frame rails for easy maintenance.

Quick Connect Fittings – DOT Push-lok fittings used wherever possible for ease of assembly and maintenance.

2S2M ABS – Wabco ABS system is easy to access and maintain.

Air Tanks – Mounted under tub to protect all tanks, valves and plumbing from falling debris.

LED Lights




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